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Meet the Dungeon by the Sea crew

Kiefer Hyder Studio Tech

Kiefer Hyder

Studio Tech

A jack of all trades and king of drums, Kiefer is the man who helps keep the studio tuned, strung and ready to rock. In his down time, you’ll find Kiefer jamming on his drum kit or composing for his experimental music project, Traveler

Joseph Calleiro Head Engineer Studio B

Joseph Calleiro

Head Engineer – Studio B

Starting in 2006 at the age of 17, Joseph began recording bands in his Atlanta, Georgia garage, learning the ins and outs of music production, recording equipment and honing the skills that would lay the foundation for his career as an audio engineer. In 2013 Joe began his formal training at the Atlanta Institute of Music & Media, allowing him to take his years of DIY recording and refine it down to a science. After graduating from A.I.M.M, Joseph began a year long internship under the tutelage of recording industry veteran and producer, Rick Beato. In this studio is where Joseph would add the final pieces to complete his arsenal of recording knowledge. Shortly after completing his internship with Rick Beato, Joseph moved out to Los Angeles in 2015 and began recording bands immediately. His mix of mobile and in-house recording sessions allowed him to connect and work with a wide variety of artists, furthering an already extensive list of experience and credits. In 2020 Joseph found a new home base at Dungeon by the Sea where he continues to record, mix and master artists of all styles.

Check out Josephs audio reel here

Gaza Sindh Head Engineer Studio A

Gaza Sindh

Owner, Head Engineer – Studio A

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Gaza began playing music at the age of 14, starting off with guitar then slowing expanding to drums, bass, piano and various other instruments. Gaza began recording his and the music of his friends simply out of necessity, as there was no one else available in the area to record music at a reasonable price. After years of DIY, bedroom recording and a few semesters at Santa Monica College, Gaza managed to land an internship with freelance audio engineer Bill Scott in 2014. Through Bill, Gaza was introduced to professional studio settings which helped to further develop his skills as a recording engineer. After several years of assisting and recording musicians in a home studio, Gaza was finally able to open Dungeon by the Sea in February 2020 and continues to record artists almost daily.

Check out Gaza’s audio reel here

Courage the Cowardly Studio Dog



Abandoned as a pup, he was found by Gaza. Now Courage is a full fledged member of the team, ensuring no corner goes un-sniffed and all loose socks are properly chewed and buried. Thanks Courage!

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