Vocal & Voice Over Recording

If you need to track vocals for your rap project, record a professional sounding voice reel or simply do overdubs, we can make it happen. Are you tracking vocals for a project out of town? We can record, bounce and email your vocal tracks all in the same session. Check out our hourly session rates.

Band Recordings

If you and your band are looking to record, mix and master a full length album, an EP, or even just a song or two, we can capture your sound and help you put it together at a cost that will leave more for t-shirts to sell at shows. Record acoustic guitars, your full stack Orange rig, violin or cello, keyboard and even drum sets (bring your own or use our house kit). We can mic you up or plug you directly into our console. It’s your call!

Live In-Studio Recordings

Don’t feel like tracking one at a time? Set the whole band up and record all at once! We can record your whole band, live, in studio and mix it all together for you. Got two turntables and a microphone? Great! We can mic those up too. Bring your buddies and record a live, in-studio freestyle session. Seriously, if it can be played live, we can record it.

Mixing & Mastering

Already got your tracks recorded? We can talk about how you didn’t get them recorded here later… In the meantime, if you need them mixed and/or mastered, send them on over to us and we’ll help you out! Contact us for more info!

Mobile Recording

Got thousands of hours worth of material but just too lazy to leave the house to record it? No problem! Don’t mind recording your guitars in-studio but can’t get over how great your vocals sound in the shower? Sounds good! Suffering from agoraphobia? We get it! Our mobile rig is setup to fit in your garage, living room or bedroom (pants and shirt required). Just shoot us the address and we’ll be there. Check out our mobile rates!